Alumni Profiles

Sharing of research postgraduate study experience from some of the graduated postgraduate students of the department:

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Christy HUI Lai-ming (HK)

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychiatry, University of Hong Kong
Supervisor: Professor Eric CHEN Yu-hai

Studying for my 4-year PhD at the HKU Psychiatry Department was a profound experience. The support, guidance and resources I have received are plenty and invaluable. Not only have I had a chance to learn how to conduct a good research, I have also learnt how to be an effective and committed researcher. I believe the processes of learning and knowledge production are lifelong. The PhD studies had provided me with a solid foundation in writing, research and critical thinking to further my career into clinical research.
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Dr Gloria WONG Hoi-yan (HK)

Supervisor: Professor EYH Chen

The challenges in studying symptoms of the mind and working in a research-intensive environment had made my PhD study a major period of personal growth in my life. I had the privilege to get involved in numerous ideas exchange opportunities with world-renowned scholars, and direct hands-on experience in both edge-cutting innovative studies and large-scale collaborative research. As I embark on my own academic career now in mental health research, the learning experience I have had at the Department of Psychiatry continues to be a rich source of inspiration, guiding me as an independent thinker and creative problem solver. This is what I consider the most valuable about my PhD study at HKU.
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LIN Jingxia Jessie

Supervisor: Eric Chen, May Lam, Cindy Chiu

Hong Kong is an ultra-modern city interwoven with ancient tradition and a blend of Eastern and Western influences. Four of Hong Kong’s eight universities are ranked in the top 200 universities in the world, with the University of Hong Kong ranked 18th. Hong Kong is a great place to experience Asia and witness history in the making --- all in an open intellectual environment where academic freedom prevails. Studying in Hong Kong provided me the opportunity to meet globally renowned scholars and experts, and to develop research network linking China, Hong Kong and the world.
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Basil Paul

Supervisors: Professor SHAM Pak-Chung and Grainne McAlonan

Hong Kong is a truly international city and doing a PhD in The University of Hong Kong (HKU) was a life changing experience. I enjoyed the privilege of working with world renowned advisors and collaborating with the best institutes in the field. HKU and the faculty of medicine supported my training by providing ample resources both in the HKU and in the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London. Research and training in the department of Psychiatry was truly a pleasant and stimulating experience for my future endeavors. Overall administration in the department and the HKU is super-efficient.
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Mr Jasper LAW Chi Sing

Supervisor: Professor Eric CHEN Yu-hai

Doing an MPhil programme is a valuable life experience. As a student in the Department of Psychiatry, I benefited from rich intellectual stimulation and valuable clinical exposure. With the MPhil degree I can now embark on my career in clinical research. More importantly, through my studies I affirmed my commitment to research, and decision to pursue this passion. The encouragement to achieve such self-actualisation is what I found most appealing about HKU.
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Miss LI Yan (China)

University Postgraduate Fellowships Scheme scholar

Supervisor: Professor SHAM Pak-chung

Hong Kong is a fun and dynamic city, where the culture and open-minded people accept and thrive on diversity. The University of Hong Kong has well-developed networks worldwide. I have had the wonderful opportunity to take part in an overseas exchange study programme to Harvard Medical School, which has broadened my horizons and allowed me to exchange ideas with experts in my field.
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Mr Jacob Shujui Hsu (Taiwan)

Supervisors: Professor PC Sham, Dr MM Garcia-Barcelo and Dr Miaoxin Li

The University of Hong Kong is a unique and international environment. In the Department of Psychiatry, this interdisciplinary group inspired me to upgrade my own value to enhance the worldwide competitiveness.

Combining the researchers in Faculty of Medicine and the clinicians in Queen Mary Hospital, knowledge exchange has never been such effective and fruitful. Not only have I had the opportunity to work with these world-class researchers, I also have accumulated so much irreplaceable experience for my future career.
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Mr Robert Milan PORSCH (Germany)

Supervisors: Professor PC Sham, Dr MM Garcia-Barcelo and Dr SS Cherny

Hong Kong is a diverse and dynamic city which constantly innovates and changes. It is one of the few truly international cities. Thus research in Hong Kong is never an isolated endeavor but filled with international collaborations across the world. During my time here I worked on projects with collaborators across the world like the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, Finland and China. The University of Hong Kong has enabled me to build up this wide international network which not only broadened my horizon but also allowed me to learn from the best in the field.
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Miss Corine WONG Sau-man (HK)

Supervisors: Dr. WC Chan and Professor EYH Chen

Studying PhD is a challenging and rewarding experience. Not only did the programme broaden my horizons and equip me with research knowledge, it also inspired me to move forward with psychiatric research and contribute towards the mental health of the community. HKU has provided me with world class research environment and facilities. I have had the opportunity to work with different collaborators and conduct large-scale projects. Such interactive learning has paved the path for my future academic career.
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Ms Geng Ying (China)

MPhil Graduate
Supervisor: Professor Lee Wing Ho, Peter

First of all I am extremely honored to have gotten the opportunity to study in the department of psychiatry in HKU. This experience opened my mind and brought many blessings and strengths to my life. I was inspired by the flexible working style and working side by side with different collaborators allowed me to learn to appreciate others and use their expertise and experience to better myself. I Look forward to having other opportunities to join in the development of the department and help the school nurture new fresh minds. A good quote by John F Kennedy goes “ ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. Hence why I want to offer my experience and expertise back to the school in hopes of inspiring others to follow suit.
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