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Understanding inheritance of complex traits: modeling polygenicity and GWAS discoverability

Presented by:

Mr CHEN Guolan, Lane

Chaired by:

Dr. CHUNG Ka Fai


24 November 2022


7:05 am


7:40 am


J2 Seminar Room, 2/F Block J, QMH and Zoom


Ever since the milestone joint GWAS study of SCZ and BD published in 2009, statistical geneticists have progressed to comprehend that most complex traits, including common psychiatric disorders, are under polygenic inheritance. It is the genome-wide cumulative burden of numerous contributive variants with small effects that determines individual risk in conjunction with environmental factors. Such profound perception, not only helped uncover the mystery of "missing heritability", but has also driven recent advancement in estimating trait polygenicity, predicting GWAS discoverability, and profiling genetic architectures of stratified human genome.


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