Flow-EMI 心之渡 (Ecological Momentary Intervention)


 Flow-EMI 心之渡 (Ecological Momentary Intervention) (ongoing)

Despite the significant mental health risks among young people, help-seeking is often lacking. Aside from ongoing research specially on youth mental health, our team also aims to transfer our understanding about the situation to real-life practice.

Flow EMI is our latest initiative, which is a smartphone-based ecological momentary intervention (EMI). A growing literature on EMI has supported its effectiveness in improving mental health outcomes, such as reducing depressive symptoms. Despite its high potential, the effectiveness of EMI for mental health has yet to be investigated.

Through delivering brief interventions in the midst of everyday lives at random moments through smartphones, it is hoped that individuals could learn to apply the interventions across contexts and mood states. The use of smartphones as the delivery means also increases its accessibility and helps to reduce stigma particularly for those with mild-to-moderate symptoms.

A randomised controlled trial is currently ongoing to examine the effectiveness of the EMI in reducing depressive symptoms.

Link to Flow EMI

Ms. Stephaine MY Wong (Lead)
Prof. Eric YH Chen
Dr. Christy LM Hui
Dr. Sherry KW Chan
Dr. Gloria HY Wong
Dr. Simon SY Lui
Dr. KT Chan
Prof. Michael TH Wong
Dr. YN Suen
Ms. Yves Wan
Ms. Michelle Lee
Ms. Christy Wong
Ms. Olivia Choi
Ms. Terry Lau
Mr. Bosco Kam
Ms. Cherry Lam
Ms. Winky Ho
Ms. Gabbie Wong
Mr. Charlie Ip
Ms. Fiona Cheung