Ethnic Minority Well-being Centre

Ethnic Minority Well-being Centre (ongoing)

  • There is an urgent need for mental health support for ethnic minorities (EM) in Hong Kong. It has been estimated that approximately 44,000 EM may be suffering from mental health issue.
  • Set up the 1st EM Well-being Centre in Hong Kong offering direct counselling service to EM in their own languages
  • A referral pathway will be developed to link clients with severe mental illness to the Hospital Authority for further psychiatric management via Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness (“ICCMW”)
  • A territory-wide public awareness programme will be launched to address stigma, improve understanding of mental illness and promote early help seeking among EM
  • Our research team will design a service protocol which includes assessment, intervention, follow-up and referral process
  • It is envisaged that this project will collect and analyse data that can inform government in policy review and development and will promote mental health service delivery to EM in ways that are relevant effective and efficient
Prof. Michael TH Wong (Lead)
Prof. Eric YH Chen
Dr. YN Suen
Dr. Paul WC Wong
Ms. Nicole Wong