Positive Attitude to Treatment in Psychosis (IPAT)

Positive Attitude to Treatment in Psychosis (IPAT) (ongoing)

The survey explored the negative impact of discrimination on treatment from brain factors, heart factors and family from a new perspective, in order to explore new coping methods. The survey data shows patients’ attitudes towards medications. Among them, 40% of patients said they had stopped the medication by themselves, 40% would mind telling others that they had mental disorders or mental illness and needed medication, and 30% of patients would claim that the medication they were taking was not for use. Treatment of schizophrenia, 20% of patients are ashamed of taking anti-schizophrenia drugs.

Dr. Christy LM Hui (Lead)
Prof. Eric YH Chen
Dr. YN Suen
Ms. Christina OB Lam
Ms. Candice Chan