Mindshift School Mental Health Program 思動計劃

Mindshift School Mental Health Program 思動計劃 (ongoing)

  • 1st ever territory-wide educational programme aiming to build up a territory-wide school network to share resources and provide mutual support in advocating positive mental health and destigmatizing mental illnesses in secondary schools
  • Provide school talks and workshops for students and teachers as well as individual school visits to facilitate the schools to conduct mental health awareness campaigns and advocate mental health policies
  • Develop an online platform to display resources about mental health and experience sharing from member schools
  • 40+ secondary schools in Hong Kong have joined the programme throughout the years
  • Link to the project website
Prof. Eric YH Chen (Lead)
Dr. KT Chan
Prof. Michael TH Wong
Dr. Simon SY Lui
Dr. Sherry KW Chan
Dr. WC Chang
Dr. Edwin HM Lee
Dr. Christy LM Hui
Dr. YN Suen
Ms. Stephanie MY Wong
Ms. Christina OB Lam
Ms. Yves Wan
Ms. Christy Wong
Mr. Bosco Kam