Psychiatry Philosophy & Humanities Research

Psychiatry Philosophy & Humanities Research

The focus of this research program is : Understanding and promoting mental health through the perspectives of philosophy and humanities.

Hermeneutics and Psychiatry - this project is to develop clinical approaches to the practice of psychiatry based on the hermeneutic principles elucidated in the monograph, Wong MTH (2019) Ricoeur and the Third Discourse of the Person: From Philosophy and Neuroscience to Psychiatry and Theology, London: Lexington Books.

Values Based Practice - this project is to apply to the practice of Youth Neuropsychiatry the perspectives of Values Based Practice outlined in Stoyanov D, Fulford B, Stanghellini G, Van Staden W, Wong M (Eds) (2021) International Perspectives in Values-Based Mental Health Practice: Case Studies and Commentaries (Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature) 

Person Centered Medicine - this project is to develop a general theoretic basis for person centered medicine using the arguments outlined in the paper "Hermeneutics promotes person-centered mental health in pandemic times", presented at the 13th International College of Personal Centered Medicine Conference, Geneva, 5–7 April 2021.

Prof. Michael TH Wong (Lead)
Prof. Eric YH Chen
Dr. Sherry KW Chan