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  Department of Psychiatry Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
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Part-time Master/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate in Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies)
Alumni Sharing
  • Mr LO Tat Man, MPsyMed 2017 Graduate (APN(Psy), Consultation Liaison Team, KCH)

    I am inspired by this Master course in understanding knowledge and the new development in psychiatric field.more...

  • Ms Carmen Wong, MPsyMed 2017 Graduate (Student Development Counsellor, CUHK)

    I’m so glad to know this course, learnt a lot from it and got my Master degree in Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies) finally. more...

  • Ms Sarah Chung, MPsyMed 2016 Graduate (Senior Therapeutic Specialist)

    Genuinely, I would like to thank the program as well as the teachers to broaden my knowledge on psychosis and equip myself with the way of thinking which is essential for my work. more...

  • Mr William Chau, MPsyMed 2015 Graduate (RN(Psy), Kwai Chung Hospital)

    MPM program provided a great atmosphere and resources in the 2-year study. more...

  • Ms Elke Luk, MPsyMed 2014 graduate (Ward manager of Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital)

    I am extremely blessed to be one of the graduates of this master programme which is the only psychosis studies program offered among the universities in HK. more...

  • Mr. YB Li, MPsyMed 2014 graduate (Nurse APN (Psy) in Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital)

    Complete the master course in Psychosis Studies, I feel like a buttery to be reborn! I learn much in-depth professional knowledge about Psychosis. more...

  • Ms Ceci Tsui, MPsyMed 2014 graduate (Social Worker in NGO)

    It benefited me a lot to my field as a professional social worker by completing this master degree, more...

  • Mr. Gary Chan, MPsyMed 2014 graduate

    The MPsyMed programme provided students chances to explore mental illness in depth. more...

  • Mr. Vincent Kwong, MPsyMed 2013 graduate (Team Leader of Outreach Support Service for Elderly Owners, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association)

    As a social worker, this master program provided an excellent opportunity for me to be equipped with in-depth knowledge and skills about psychotic disorders in Hong Kong. more...

  • Mr. Alan Tong, MPsyMed 2013 graduate (Case Intervention Officer, Department of Psychiatry, HKU)

    The two-year learning-experience MPM was no doubt precious. There are few things that worth highlighting in particular. more...

  • Ms Esther Mui, PC PsyMed 2012 graduate (NGO Project Officer)

    For several years, I have been looking for several missing puzzle pieces of a jigsaw puzzle: more...

Important dates
For more details and to apply:
Course Commencement
October 2020
Department of Psychiatry
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
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