Service Facilities

The inpatient unit of the Department of Psychiatry, established in 1972, is situated from the second to seventh floor of Block J of the Hospital. The Western Psychiatric Centre is incorporated to the Department from 1 October 1993.

The Department provides multiple subspecialty psychiatry services. There are 6 teams, namely: General Psychiatry Team 1 (include Consultation Liaison), General Psychiatry Team 2, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Team, Community Psychiatry Team, Psychogeriatric Team and Early Psychosis Team. There are 72 in-patient beds for adult, psychogeriatric and child & adolescent psychiatric patients in the hospital. There are three day hospitals. The Child day hospital (18 places) is situated in Queen Mary Hospital. The adult and psychogeriatric day hospital (55 and 18 places respectively) are situated in the Western Psychiatric Centre. The department provides extensive consultation liaison service to other departments in the hospital. Specialist out-patient clinics include general adult, psychogeriatric, child & adolescent, substance abuse and sleep disorders clinic. There are outreach services to old age homes, Education Department and non-government organisations which provides community services to mental patients. The Department has a long tradition of providing care by a multidisciplinary approach and team members include psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurses, medical social workers, and occupational therapists.

In line with the regionalization of medical services in Hong Kong, the Department provides comprehensive service to the Central, Western, Southern regions (West of Aberdeen Tunnel) of Hong Kong, as well as the outlying islands.

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Teaching Hospitals and Clinics

Queen Mary Hospital

Situated at the beautiful foothill and high above the new Medical School Building in Sasson Road, Queen Mary houses the department's adult, adolescent and child and geriatric wards and our departmental administrative, clinical and academic staff. This 1,444 beds general hospital is the main teaching hospital for the University of Hong Kong and home to the Department. Queen Mary hospital has seen generations of medical students completing their training both at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Internationally known for major medical advances, it is a leading medical center in Asia.

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Western Psychiatric Center

The Western Psychiatric Centre is situated in a community rehabilitation centre which is about 15 minutes of drive from the Queen Mary Hospital. It comprises an array of community psychiatry facilities. The outpatient clinic provides follow up treatment for discharged patients. It also receives new referrals from doctors in both public and private sector.Apart from outpatient consultation sessions, the clinic also organizes talks and seminars on mental health for the patients, carers and the public. The Psychogeriatric Day Hospital and the Phoenix Clubhouse are both ambulatory services. They are described in more detail in other sections in the brochure.

The Community Psychiatry Team of the Department is based in the Centre. The Team serves patients who require intensive support in community living. Home visit and outreaching services will be provided if necessary. It also has close liaison and working relationship with other non-government organizations which provide psychiatric rehabilitation facilities in the community, for example halfway houses and sheltered workshops. The Team also provides outreaching assessment for people who are suspected to have mental illness but are not willing to attend a clinic.

Private Psychiatric Service

Clinical Academic Staff from the Department of Psychiatry also provides consultation services for private-sector patients at Queen Mary Hospital Private Clinic located at Block J first floor.

Consultation fee would be charged according to the grading of consultant and service provided. Service areas include: Anxiety-spectrum disorders, mood disorders (e.g. depression and bipolar affective disorder), old-age mental health, psychotherapy, psychosis, and sleep disorders. A referral from a physician would generally be required for the initiation of service.

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