Academic Staff

Title Name Interest Administrative roles
Chair Professor in Psychiatry
Chi-Li Pao Foundation Professor in Psychiatry
Chen, E.Y.H.Chen, E.Y.H. Early intervention for psychosis
Cognitive Neuroscience of schizophrenia
Cognitive and experiential aspects of psychopathology
Suicide studies
Youth Mental Health
Digital Psychiatry
Psychiatric epidemiology
Department Head
Chair Professor in Psychiatric Genetics
Sham, P.C.Sham, P.C. Behavioural genetics / Statistical genetics Director of Academic Developments
Clinical Professor
Wong, M.T.H.Wong, M.T.H. Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neuroscience
Psychiatry Philosophy & Humanities
Mental Health Culture Religion & Spirituality
Youth Mental Health
Major Psychoses Mood & Personality Disorders
Clinical Psychopharmacology
Clinical Associate Professor
Chan, K. T.Chan, W.C. Youth Mental Health, Digitalization and Human Mind, Culture and Psychiatry, Addiction and Internet Addiction, Mental Health Promotion and Anti-stigmatization  
Clinical Associate Professor Chan, S.K.W.Chan, S.K. W. •Early psychosis and psychopathology
• Cognitive neuropsychiatry
• Addiction
• Public awareness in psychosis
Director of Research
Chairperson of Computer and IT Committee
Clinical Associate Professor
Chan, W.C.Chan, W.C. Neurocognitive disorders
Late-life depression
Psychiatric epidemiology
Director of Clinical Affairs
Director of Knowledge Transfer
Deputy Chairperson of the Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee
Clinical Associate Professor Chang, W.C.Chang, W.C. •Clinical high-risk for psychosis
•Evaluation of early intervention for psychosis
•Negative symptoms in psychotic disorders
•Neurocognitive paradigms in psychosis investigation
•Longitudinal outcomes of first-episode psychosis
•First-episode bipolar disorder
•Epidemiology of psychosis

Director of Education
Chairperson of Undergraduate Psychiatric Education Committee
Department Coordinator of MBBS Junior & Specialty Clerkship
Chief Examiner of MBBS Psychiatry Examination

Clinical Associate Professor
Chung, K.F.Chung, K.F. Sleep and mood disorders
Traditional Chinese Medicine application in mental health
Director of Graduate Research Studies
Chairperson of the Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee
Clinical Associate Professor
Lui, S.S.YLui, S.S.Y Youth Mental Health,
Neurobiological basis of psychosis
Cognitive markers and endophenotype research
Clinical studies in early psychosis intervention
Behavioral-high-risk populations for psychosis
Clinical Assistant Professor Cheng, C.P.W.Cheng, C.P.W.
  • Late-life depression and Late-life psychosis
  • Mild cognitive impairment, dementia or neurocognitive disorder
  • Dementia care-giver
  • Non-invasive brain stimulation, such as Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and Direct current stimulation (tDCS)
  • Neuroimaging
Clinical Assistant Professor Chung, A.K.K.Chung, A.K.K. •Clinical Psychopharmacology
•Substance Misuse (Substance misuse To Psychiatric disorders [SToP] Program): SToP-C (for cannabis), SToP-K (for ketamine) & SToP-S (for stimulants)
Clinical Assistant Professor Lee E.H.M.Lee, H.M. Psychopharmacology and pharmacoepidemiology
Exercise and cognitive interventions
Neurocognitive science and neuroimaging
Stigma and social psychiatry
Director of Internal Affairs
Chairperson of Laboratory Committee
Associate Professor (Non-clinical) Hui, C.L.M.Hui, C.L.M. Medication discontinuation and relapse prevention in early psychosis
Neurocognitive function in early psychosis
Early intervention programmes and its evaluation
Youth Mental Health
Chairperson of Website Committee
Research Assistant Professor Suen, Y.N.Suen, Y.N. • Models of social processes in high-risk community samples
• Prediction of transitioning to Psychosis
• Women’s Mental Health
• Youth Mental Health
• Prediction of clinical outcome using machine learning algorithm
Research Assistant Professor Wong, C.S.M.Suen, Y.N. •Youth mental health
•Epidemiology of mental disorders
•Environment and mental health
•Digital health assessment and intervention

Post Doctoral Fellow

Name Research interests
Dr. Wong Ting Yat Developmental psychopathology
Affective neuroscience
Socio affective processes
Psychological networks
Data-driven approach