Youth Epidemiological Project (YES) 呢一代Teen 青研究

Youth Epidemiological Project (YES) 呢一代Teen 青研究 (ongoing)

  • Detailed community epidemiological survey of mental health in young people 15-25.
  • Elucidate risk and protective pathways leading to mental health challenges
  • Use Symptom dimension approach to observe sub-clinical and clinical evolution of psychopathology
  • Explore potential generation effects of changes in lifestyle, digital exposure and mental health.
  • Estimate the cost of mental health problem in young people
  • Prepare for longitudinal outcome study
  • Prevalence of mental health conditions
  • Link to the project website

Prof. Eric YH Chen (Lead)
Dr. Corine SM Wong
Dr. Christy LM Hui
Dr. YN Suen
Dr. Charlton Cheung
Ms. Stephanie MY Wong
Dr. TY Wong
Dr. WC Chang
Dr. Sherry KW Chan
Dr. Edwin HM Lee
Dr. Simon SY Lui
Dr. KT Chan
Prof. Michael TH Wong
Ms. Dorothy Chan
Mr. Wesley Tang
Mr. Ezmond Cheung
Mr. Bosco Kam
Ms. Candice Chan
Ms. Cherry Lam
Mr. Charlie Ip
Mr. Torres Chan
Ms. Melody So
Ms. Yanni Ip
Mr. Terrence Yu
Ms. Terry Lau
Ms. Olivia Choi
Ms. Samantha Tsang
Ms. Winky Ho
Ms. Gabbie Wong
Ms. Janet Lei
Mr. Alvah Lai
Mr. Eric Tang
Ms. Alison Chau
Ms. Alicia Wu
Ms. Ruby Lau
Ms. Pristina Tan