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Mental Health Future Workforce: Qualities and Tasks

Professor Felice Lieh-Mak Distinguished Lecture

Presented by: 

Professor Norman Sartorius, President, Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes (AMH)

Chaired by:

Dr. LO Ka Ying, Heidi (Clinical Assistant Professor)


30 June 2023


10:00 am


12:00 pm


Faculty Board Room, 1/F, Daniel & Mayce Yu Administra􀆟on Wing LKS Faculty of Medicine, 21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong


A brief review of current socioeconomic trends affecting medicine and society in general will be followed by a reminder of current tasks before mental health workers. Many of these will remain among the responsibilities of mental health workers who will, in addition to accept other tasks such as primary prevention of mental disorders, the promotion of mental health understood as the elevation of mental health higher on the scales of values of individuals and societies, the management of comorbidity of mental and physical disorders, and the action against the dehumanization of an ever more fragmented medicine. The changes in the manner of selection of candidates for health care professions and in the education of health workers necessary to deal with the previous and new tasks of medicine will be described in the final part of the talk.


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