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Probing brain abnormalities for youths with psychotic experiences: a population-based multimodal MRI study in Hong Kong

Research-in-progress Seminar

Presented by: 

Mr CHU Sai Ting Ryan (PhD candidate)

Chaired by:

Professor LO Ka Ying Heidi (Clinical Assistant Professor)


25 April 2024


7:00 am


8:00 am


Room 211 A&B, 2/F, New Clinical Building, Queen Mary Hospital


Until now, there has been no population-based MRI study examining brain abnormalities in Chinese youths with psychotic experiences (PEs). A total of 200 Chinese youths aged 15-24 years (100 with and without PEs) were recruited to examine the group differences in PEs vs non-PEs in terms of psychopathological severity, psychosocial functioning, cognitive functions, reward-learning and effortallocation, and neuroanatomical and functional-connectivity abnormalities. PEs are associated with subtle neuroanatomical and functional-connectivity abnormalities as well as mild reward-learning and effort-allocation impairment.

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