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Randomized controlled trial of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) as augmentation therapy to cognitive training (CT) in individuals with major neurocognitive disorder (MND)

Research-in-progress Seminar

Presented by: 

Dr TAM Tsz-ying (HA Resident)

Chaired by:

Prof CHENG Pak Wing, Calvin (Clinical Assistant Professor)


28 March 2024


6:30 am


7:30 am


J2 Seminar Room, Block J, QMH


Although cognitive training has significant outcome in cognitive impaired patient, the effect is reported

to be small and might not long-lasting. In consideration of the neuronal excitability effect in tDCS which

might consolidate effect of cognitive training, tDCS as combined intervention to cognitive training in

patients with cognitive impairment will be investigated.

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