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The effects of co-occurring personal and population-level stressors on mental health in the community: findings from a series of studies conducted amid ongoing social unrest and COVID-19 in 2020

Departmental Research Seminar

Presented by: 

Dr. WONG Ming Yin, Stephanie (Post-doctoral Fellow)

Chaired by:

Dr. CHAN Kai Tai (Clinical Associate Professor)


26 May 2022


7:05 am


7:40 am




Mental disorders are traditionally conceptualised as largely caused by intrinsic factors. While it is increasingly acknowledged that psychiatric conditions are multi-faceted, the roles played by external factors in psychopathology remains to be understudied. Particularly in a world of ongoing large-scale crises, how population-level stressors such as social unrest and COVID-19 could additionally contribute to symptoms of not only depression and PTSD but also ideas of reference, as a form of psychotic-like experiences, remains to be explored. The current presentation shares findings gathered from a series of studies conducted during the period of social unrest and COVID-19 in Hong Kong. The relevance of the findings to psychopathology and implications are discussed.


Format: Face-to-face and Zoom

Venue: J2 Seminar Room, 2/F Block J, QMH

Registration Link: Please click into the below link for registration (face-to-face or zoom)

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