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Improving the long term outcome of psychotic disorders: what have we learned?

Presented by:

Prof. CHEN Yu Hai, Eric

Chaired by:

Dr. CHAN Kai Tai


26 May 2022


6:30 am


7:05 am


Hybrid (Zoom and face-to-face)


We review whether early intervention strategies can make a difference to the long term outcome of psychotic disorders using data from a series of studies in Hong Kong, comparing with key international studies. We learn that early Intervention can indeed produce long term improvement in functional outcome, reduced suicides and hospitalisations in a cost effective manner. Relapse prevention in early stages can also reduce treatment refractoriness and suicide outcomes.


Format: Face-to-face and Zoom

Venue: J2 Seminar Room, 2/F Block J, QMH

Registration Link: Please click into the below link for registration (face-to-face or zoom)

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