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Mindfulness meditation for psychosis in the Chinese population

Presented by:

Ms. TAO Junchen, Tiffany

Chaired by:

Prof. WONG Tak Hing, Michael


27 November 2020


7:05 am


7:40 am


(QTLT) 2/F, Room 02- 014, Block T, Queen Mary Hospital and On-line


Over the last few decades, mindfulness meditation has been of rising interest in the clinical settings. Recently, it has been applied to severe mental illnesses such as psychosis. While mindfulness meditation aligns with the holistic mind-body approach embedded in traditional Chinese cultures, few reviews have directly focused on the efficacy of mindfulness meditation for the Chinese population. This presentation represents our results from one of the first meta-analyses that comprehensively synthesizes evidence from both English and Chinese literature, looking into the benefits of mindfulness meditation in Chinese patients with psychosis.

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