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The need for tailored clozapine prescription guideline for Asian population: what have we learned from the literature and the local data?

Presented by:

Dr. CHAN Kit Wa, Sherry

Chaired by:

Dr. SUEN Yi Nam


22 September 2022


6:30 am


7:05 am


Hybrid (Face-to-face and Zoom)


The presentation will summarize findings of four studies to illustrate the need for tailored clozapine prescription guideline for the Asian population with particular focus on a cross-sectional study of the effect of clozapine dose, daily dose strategies and the use of pharmacological augmentation on clinical, functional and cognitive function outcomes in patients with treatment resistant schizophrenia.


Registration Link: Please click into the below link for registration (face-to-face or zoom)as follow:

Deadline for registration is 22 September 2022 at 12:00 noon.

Zoom link of the seminar will be automatically sent to registered email address after registration.

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