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Dr. LEE Chi Kei, Krystal 李芷琪

MB BS (HK), FHKCCM, FHKCPsych, FHKAM (Community Medicine), FHKAM (Psychiatry)

Clinical Assistant Professor


Research Interests and Focus:

  • perinatal psychiatry

  • public mental health

  • sexuality and psychiatry

  • HIV and psychiatry

  • qualitative studies

Selected Publications

  1. Lee KCK, Chung AKK. Chemsex, HIV and psychiatric diagnosis in gay or bisexual men in Hong Kong. Sub Use & Misuse (under revision)

  2. Hung C, Wong CSM, Fung VSC, Lee KCK, Chang WC. Antidepressant utilization patterns and predictors of treatment continuation in pregnant women: a 16-year population-based cohort. Aust N Z J Psychiatry 2022;0(0). doi:10.1177/00048674221109443

  3. Lee KCK, PKL Chan. The Happy kids charter - practical tips to promote happy and holistic development in children. The Hong Kong Medical Diary 2022;27 (5): 16-19

  4. Wong NS, Kwan TH, Lee K, Lau J, Lee SS. Delineation of chemsex patterns of men who have sex with men in association with their sexual networks and linkage to HIV prevention. Int J on Drug Policy 2019;18(75):102591 

  5. Seto WK, Mak SK, Chiu K, Vardhanabhuti V, Wong HF, Leong HT, Lee PSF, Ho YC, Lee CK, Cheung KS, Yuen MF, Leung WK. Magnetic resonance cholangiogram patterns and clinical profiles of ketamine-related cholangiopathy in a cohort of drug users. J Hepatol 2018; 69(1):121-8

  6. Wong HTH, Wong KH, Lee SS, Leung RWM & Lee KCK. Community-based surveys for determining prevalence of HIV, Chlamydia and gonorrhoea in men having sex with men in Hong Kong. J Sex Transm Dis 2013;2013:958967

  7. Wong NS, Chan D, Lee SS, Lee SL and Lee K. A multilevel approach for assessing the variability of hepatitis C prevalence in injection drug users by their gathering places. Int J Infect Dis 2013;17(3):e193-8 

  8. Lee K, Lim WL & Lee SS. High prevalence of HCV in a cohort of injectors on methadone substitution treatment. J Clinical Virol 2008;41: 297–3007

  9. Chan DPC, Lee SS, Lee KCK. The effects of widespread methadone treatment on the molecular epidemiology of hepatitis C virus infection among injection drug users in Hong Kong. J Medical Virol 2011;83:1187-1194

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